Buffalo Springfield
(1977 - 2009)

Jim Messina's Watching The River Run is more than a collection of greatest hits, though it's eleven selections have indeed accounted for millions of record sales. And it's no simple stroll through the past, though many of it's songs have become integral parts of people's lives.

As a member of such seminal rock legends as Buffalo Springfield, Poco and Loggins & Messina, Jim has had his hand - as writer, singer, guitarist, producer and engineer - in some of the definitive music of the Rock Era.

Assembling for the first time his classic songs from the various super-groups he helped foster, Jim brought together some of the most seasoned and celebrated touring musicians from the pop, country and rock worlds and recorded almost the entire album live in the studio, bringing it a welcome freshness and spontaneity, and in some cases even giving new faces to songs that are as close as old friends.

"These songs on this album are a chronology of all that's part of me - past, present and future," Jim explains. "I was looking for a title that would tie that together. Metaphorically, looking at my life as a river, and watching it run through all the valleys and mountains and stages that it goes through until it finally reaches the ocean, giving perfect picture of what I'm trying to say."

Jim soars on the title song, done originally on Loggins & Messina's watershed LP, Full Sail, redone this time as an impassioned duet with Crystal Bernard. "Listen to a Country Song" still stands up today with the best of contemporary country, even though it predated current trends by almost 20 years.

The same can be said for "Kind Woman" and "A Child's Claim to Fame," both written by Jim's Springfield and Poco band mate, Richie Furay. "You Better Think Twice" is just as exuberant country/rock as it was the day Poco first recorded it. "Your Mama Don't Dance" takes on a punchy Chicago blues groove, while "Angry Eyes" - driven by Jim's stinging electric guitar - hits home with more power than ever.

Already revered by country artists, writers and producers as a pioneering figure, Messina has been establishing ties with the Nashville creative community for some time, co-writing Brooks & Dunn's "Mexico Minutes" with Kent Robbins, which appears here in a very different form.

"Brooks & Dunn cut "Mexico Minutes" very country and it really works well for them" says Jim. "I wanted to arrange and record it with the same ambiance in which I wrote it. The real Spanish/Mexican influences in the melodies and arrangement is what makes it work for me."



Jim Messina
New And Different Way
Do You Want To Dance
Seeing You (For The First Time)
Free To Be Me
Talk To Me
Love Is Here
Waitin' On You
(Is This) Lovin' You Lady
The Magic Of Love
Preview Songs

Columbia Legacy

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Jim Messina
Money Alone
Sweet Love
Break The Chain
Child Of My Dreams
Whispering Waters
Lovin' You Every Minute
Stay The Night
It's All Right Here
Move Into Your Heart
Warner Bros.


Jim Messina
One More Mile
Meant To Be Together
I Got Radio
Playin' That Rock N' Roll
The Island
Treat Her Right
We Got To Get Back
Big Tease
Can't Live Without You
Forever My Love
"One More Mile"
Warner Bros.


Jim Messina
Follow Your Dreams
Watching The River Run
Whispering Waters
Mexican Minutes
Listen To A Country Song
Child's Claim To Fame
Kind Woman
You Better Think Twice
Your Mama Don't Dance
Angry Eyes
Peace Of Mind
Preview Songs

"Watching the River Run Revisted"
River North

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Jim Messina
Mojito Moon
Just Keep On Lookin'
Addicted to Drama
We Gotta Get Back
Keep Me in Mind
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"Under a
Mojito Moon"

Jasperilla Music Co

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